What we do

We get together every Sunday to share the work at the garden and take home some of the produce.

This year we’re also planning to hold regular collaborative workshops
… and undertake a series of projects, including building an oven and continuing to Sow New Seeds in our Global Garden.

Here are some highlights of OxGrow’s first year

DinnerTime: “One high point was simply being able to harvest huge armfuls of beautiful Jerusalem artichokes and seeing them later on that evening being made into delicious things at the DinnerTime event.”

Squashes: “My highlight was the eventual sight of the first shark fin melon, having slaved long and hard over the squash bed, nurturing and tending to the little blighters whilst they produced more leaves than is recommended, at long last there was a melon… that’s right a melon in England! And what’s more it tasted pretty good!”

RockCorps: “My highlight of the year was the Rock Corps coming to town and helping build the herb spiral.”

Scavenging: “Rolling the water-butts through the streets of south Oxford, and generally scavenging materials from all over town and having adventures and meeting people carting the stuff around!”

Dinner and film night: “The dinner and film screening in the pavilion after the festival. Let’s do more!”

Lushness: “Even though I joined after the harvest festival it was astonishing how much was still thriving in the garden and how healthy and lush all the crops were looking!”

Expert Workshops: “Having Alys Fowler come to teach us about garlic and slugs, among other things; it was inspiring and great to be shown by an expert how to make a no-dig bed. Seeing the cold frame come together was a proud moment, too!”

Quinoa: “My single greatest highlight has to be the quinoa, which was just by far and away the most stunning looking plant in the garden, has an amazing backstory and botanical history, is South American, is wonderfully labour intensive and tastes great!”

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