What’s Ahead?

We would love to see OxGrow play a role in improving and re-localising Oxford’s food system. OxGrow hopes to get lots of people growing their own food and cutting their food-related carbon footprints. Getting people out and growing food can also help improve our mental and physical well-being, and help to establish healthier eating habits.

Long-term design – as well as getting stuck in right now, we’re developing ideas for an overall vision of what the space might look like in 3-5 years. We are drawing on different inputs in this design process, including continuing co-design sessions and professional input from permaculture practitioners.

Schools program – we are aiming to organise a series of activities that fit well into school curricula in order to make OxGrow relevant and beneficial to children.

Training – with support and funding, we hope to organise a year-round series of training events to show all aspects of sustainable food production (and consumption!), with workshops delivered by experienced practitioners.

Expansion – in the long-term, if sufficient capacity is built (in terms of funding, support, volunteers, even paid employees) we will look at the possibility of expanding the project beyond our current site, with a more ambitious training program for both young people and adults, and with a more substantial productive output to feed into the local food system, or to sell as a means of sustaining the project’s activities.

For now we’re laying the foundations that we hope will make these long term goals feasible, developing the ideas as the project takes on its own momentum and as we learn along the way. OxGrow is still very much an open-ended project and it is evolving all the time as new people get on-board. The goals of OxGrow, and the methods we use to reach them, will continue to be shaped by all of us, the community that uses and works in the space…  Come and get stuck in!

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  1. Posted by Rosanna on November 3, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    I just picked up some bags of coffee grounds from Starbucks. Could be a nice nitrogen addition to our pumpkin/melon/squash bed! I’ll leave them next to the shed, as I won’t be in town on Sunday! Happy garlic planting!


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