Get involved!


We are running open work-parties on the plot every Sunday throughout the year from 1pm-4pm. In the summer, they also run on Wednesday evenings, from 6pm until it gets dark.

All the work will be done collaboratively and volunteers will take home a share of the day’s harvest. Tools and everything else will be provided, you just have to show up. But do bring with you:

  • strong shoes
  • warm clothes that can get dirty
  • a bag or a box to take home a share of the day’s harvest
  • and if you have any… food waste, because our compost bin is always hungry (but no meat or cooked food please)

There’s no need to come at 1 on the dot, nor to stay until the end. Come and go as you like. The only exception is when we’re holding workshop days, when you might miss the beginning if you come later than 1pm.

If you don’t fancy doing anything very much, please just come and use the space during the afternoon. Hogacre Common is a community asset so come and enjoy the surroundings, bring some lunch to eat on the grass, bring a guitar and sing to the diggers, bring a football or stare at the sky.



If you’d like to get involved at an organisational level or have specific skills or expertise to offer, get in touch to join the OxGrow Collective and help to make this happen! Email: If you’d like to get involved with the setting-up of work parties or have anything specific that you’d like to see happen on the plot, feel free to turn up at 12:00 before the beginning of the session to have a chat about getting involved.

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  1. Posted by Rosanna on November 3, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    I just picked up some bags of coffee grounds from Starbucks. Could be a nice nitrogen addition to our pumpkin/melon/squash bed! I’ll leave them next to the shed, as I won’t be in town on Sunday. Happy garlic planting!


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