Where we are

OxGrow is on Hogacre Common, off Abingdon Road, which is now being managed as a community space by our friends Low Carbon South Oxford. We’re a little hidden enclave of greenery, so please excuse the convoluted instructions below:

  1. From the middle of town at Carfax Tower, go down south on the Abingdon Road and turn into White House Road when you see the Folly Bridge Inn (second right after the bridge over the river).
  2. Go down the road to the corner where you see Grandpont Nursery, and here take the track straight in front of you past the South Oxford Adventure Playground.
  3. Cross the railway bridge, turn right and you’ve found us!

Please note, we have very limited provision for disabled access and there is no way of getting to us by road on a regular basis. Sorry, but please do call us so we can discuss ways of getting over.

Map of Hogacre Common